We moved on Monday in a flurry of movers, a visit from Grandpa, and our own anxiety.  

We went from this ->image

…to an apartment so empty it became perfect for soccer ->image

To the new apartment, which was soon full of piles of boxes ->image

Whew!  But we survived, and kiddo and Grandpa got to spend a ton of time playing together, so all is well.  Grandpa’s visit couldn’t have been better timed – it was great to have him here to take the kiddo for a tricycle ride around the block when we were in the middle of heavy and busy things.  image

We’re a few days into unpacking now, and things are starting to take shape; the kitchen is almost totally done, kiddo’s room is 75% done, and tonight we’re putting up the dining room table and dealing with that room.  We all have places to sleep, can function in the space, and the cat is even over his initial stress and indigestion.  I even managed to cook dinner last night in the kitchen, which is a big triumph.


Kiddo and I even went to the park yesterday for a while.image

All this hard work tuckered the kiddo out so hard he passed out asleep on the couch last night.  Which I totally understand. And may do myself. imageLooking forward to writing more soon, and sharing more photos. My Mom comes to town next week, so  I’m aiming for 90% unpacked by then. Fingers crossed.


In the midst of packing craziness, I swung by the Andersonville Farmer’s Market with kiddo and Uncle Dan yesterday – to get a break from packing, to see some pretty sights, and to pick up some apples and lettuce.




Apple pretty.

I scored big time.  For $5, I got a bag of 26 apples (“seconds”) that were discounted because they had some surface flaws and weren’t picture perfect. I happen to think they’re beautiful. Sure, a few of them have bruises or tiny bug spots, but those can be easily trimmed off and the rest of the apple enjoyed.  My toddler, husband, and I love apples and eat them all the time, so this is a big score.  We snacked on some yesterday, and they’re tart and delicious.  So, I spent most of today turning them into apple chips.


See you on the flip side.

One week from right now, the movers will (hopefully) be done moving our stuff to the new apartment. My Dad will be in town, playing with and watching his grandson while Eric and I do the rest of the stuff.  There’s a ton left to do in 7 days, and so I’m signing off for a few days. Safe travels to all!

(I skipped week #4. Whoops!)

This week’s box is especially gorgeous now that it contains tomatoes and peppers!


At the beach


Today, I watch my son wading carefully into the whitecaps of Lake Michigan and realize this is better for him (and more educational) than any “school” lesson could be. :). This is why we’re going to homeschool/unschool.

legolanLanguage Stars’ new Andersonville branch is sponsoring a free screening of “The LEGO movie” – in Spanish, with subtitles – at Chase Park on August 14th at 8pm.  There will also be children’s activities that start at 7pm.  Chase Park is a nice park with a great little playground, and the event should be a lot of fun!




I’ve been to this sale twice now, and found great deals both times. I did better when my kiddo was a “baby” moreso than a “tot” as far as clothing sizes go, but if you’re looking for items like stroller systems, high chairs, toys, and baby gates, it can’t be beat! It’s a lot of fun,  and a great way to save some serious $$ on very nice items for the little ones!babiestots


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