Oh man, I’m ready to homeschool Halloween.🙂

Days like this.


Not every homeschool day is made up of fun projects. This morning, dude climbed into bed with me and proceeded to count to 100 by himself. That was awesome. It’s also been the high point of the whole dreary day. Sometimes four year olds are incredibly four, and sometimes Moms lose their minds and just go sit in the bathroom with the door closed for a while. That’s today. Tomorrow will be different, and most likely better.

Keep your heads up. It’s just a day.

How week #1 went…


It wasn’t perfect. After a lazy summer, dude was reluctant to follow a schedule. We’ll get there, though. So we worked on the letter A and things that begin with it: Apples, Aladdin, Avengers, his friends Augie, Annie, and Amanda, and more.


There was tons of building with Duplo time.


We took a big nature walk.


We spent some time at the library getting books and learning typing/computer skills.


We took a big adventure downtown and visited the Art Institute.


He helped me with chores & groceries.
Week 2 begins tomorrow. Here we go again!


Kiddo is turning 4 in a few weeks. He’s smart, energetic, and loves a ton of things. I spent part of the summer looking at different curriculum to add into this year’s homeschool plans, and settled on Oak Meadow’s Kindergarten curriculum. I won’t stick to it religiously, but it’s a good jumping off point from which to plan my silly themed units and adventures. Because we like adventures. And books. And Music. And Art. And food. And the outdoors. And Oak Meadow seems to get all of that.

The core part of the Oak Meadow curriculum that I’m going to stick to is that each week is centered on a letter. So the four weeks we have left in September will cover A,B,C, and D – the sounds the letters make, recognizing and spelling words that begin with the letter, and picking the letter out in the world around the kid.


So that’s where we’ll begin bright and early Tuesday morning – and we’re starting out with Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp. Our first week of school – centered around the letter A, but also featuring math, science, and art(potentially a trip to the Art Institute, if I get my wits about me) – will end with a trip to the Field Museum of Natural History to check out the Africa exhibit (and the rest of the amazing museum, of course.)

This year is going to be a blast – but challenging. Over the summer, I signed a 3-book deal for a historical Western Romance series that I’ve written/am writing, so now there’s a necessity for me to plan and schedule my days more than I usually do. To be honest, I fly by the seat of my pants a lot with school plans. This time around, there’ll be some more structure, though it’ll still be silly and full of walks in the rain and dance parties.

Here goes!

Back to School!

Getting ready to start a new season of homeschool on Tuesday. Yeah, it’s something like this.😉




Dude spent the past five days going to a morning day camp for 3.5 to 5 year olds.  It was an art camp, it was 4 hours long, and he came home covered in paint and rainbow colors, and it was awesome.  He did incredibly well, and I’m so glad we enrolled him.

1. To avoid scrambling, plan ahead

I got smart and went to Costco last week to buy things to pack his lunch. It’s a peanut-free camp, so PB&Js, the best sandwich for packing lunches, was out.  I’ve been sending him some chopped ham and cheese sticks, grapes and carrots, goldfish crackers, and apple juice along with his water bottle in his fancy Ninja Turtles lunch box ($5 at Five Below!) and he’s totally thrilled. Done.

2.  Other adults are capable

On the first day of camp, I spent the four hours checking my phone for missed calls and watching the clock.  Guess what? No one called and nothing happened and I wasn’t late to pick him up.  It was fine. Everything has been fine. My Dude is great, and I knew he’d be fine, and this week has reminded me to chill out.  This camp has been around for years, the teachers are total pros, and everything is fine.


3. It is okay to be delighted to have “me time”

Four hours a day for five days all to myself? I loved it.  And it’s cool. It was good for my kid to get some time away from me, and good for me to get some time away from him and the whole specter of Mommyhood.  I went to the gym, I went to the grocery store, I went to the library, I drank too much coffee, I had lunch with a friend, I came home and spent a few hours just being alone in my house.  It was a nice mental break. – my summer vacation, if you will.

I’m so glad we sent him to day camp. So glad, in fact, we might just do it again before the summer is out.🙂



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